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Our immune system was designed specifically to heal our bodies and keep them healthy. So why are so many failing these days?

There are many factors that cause our immune systems to function poorly - diet, lack of exercise, too much stress and how we handle it, pollutants and contaminants in the air and water, toxins in our food supply, body care and cleaning products among many other factors. But taking our health seriously doesn't have to be burdensome and confusing.

I don't know anyone who wants to be sick or die of disease but sadly that's what is happening to so many people. Death is a sure thing, but disease doesn't have to be.

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Saturday, December 4, 2010

A Heated Debate Over Strawberries

Berries, in general, are known for their antioxidant and nutritional properties. Eaten raw, they can be instrumental in improving our immune system and fighting disease, like cancer. But not all berries are equal. For example, one cup of conventional strawberries (halved) have approximately 149% of vitamin C, 29% of manganese, 3 grams of fiber and numerous pesicides! While some pesticides will wash off, not all will because many pesticide residues are found on the inside of fruits and vegetables.

Recently there has been some controversy over a new pesticide for strawberries.  Apparently methyl idodide, the new chemical pesticide in question, is causing a "bitter disagreement" between California's State Department of Pesticide Regulation and a scientific review committee.  It's true that we all want to profit from our food, though in different ways.  Those who sell it want to make as much money as they can and those who consume it want it to keep themselves healthy.  Therefore, it's not surprising that this new pesticide is causing such a stir.  Click here for the NY Times article.

By the way, strawberries are on the dirty dozen list.  What's the dirty dozen list?  It's a list of fruits and vegetables that, after being tested, have very high pesticide residues which washing will not remove.  Therefore, it is recommended to consumers that if they are going to buy items on the dirty dozen list, they should choose only those that are certified organic.

So keep on eating your fruits and vegetables and beware of those toxic pesticides!

~ Lisa


1 comment:

Rich said...

I guess this is a wake up call. We're too busy to pay attention when the wool is being pulled over our eyes. Thank God for people that are vigilantly keeping watch for all of our protection. You go girl!