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Our immune system was designed specifically to heal our bodies and keep them healthy. So why are so many failing these days?

There are many factors that cause our immune systems to function poorly - diet, lack of exercise, too much stress and how we handle it, pollutants and contaminants in the air and water, toxins in our food supply, body care and cleaning products among many other factors. But taking our health seriously doesn't have to be burdensome and confusing.

I don't know anyone who wants to be sick or die of disease but sadly that's what is happening to so many people. Death is a sure thing, but disease doesn't have to be.

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Saturday, November 23, 2013

How Will You Do This Cold/Flu Season?

Cold and flu season is here. The CDC is expecting the flu activity to increase in the coming weeks.  
What will you do to prevent or treat a cold or flu? If you think a vaccine will help, be aware. We don't get a cold or the flu for a lack of the flu vaccine in our body. We get sick because our immune system is compromised. 
If you want an VERY EFFECTIVE solution, ASEA is it. I've been fighting a cold with the help of ASEA. Besides taking it internally, I've been spraying it in my throat and in my nose. I immediately saw the effects. My nose uncloged and the mucous loosened up. I even sneezed 5 times immediately after I sprayed it in my nose yesterday and the sinus pressure went away.  Today I have no sinus pressure and the best part is that I have energy and am not sick in bed or even close to it.
ASEA is a great substitute for medicine.  Medicine only treats symptoms while ASEA helps your body to heal itself.  Get your ASEA today and have it on hand in case you and your family needs it. 
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~ Lisa

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Going to Church?

“Going To Church” is Not in the Bible

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There is nothing righteous about a building. There is also nothing righteous about a home or a living room. Most people agree that the building where people meet is not the church.

It’s funny though how 99 out of 100 individuals will emphatically nod their head and say “Right, the building is not the church.” But, then ten minutes later if you point to a religious building with a steeple on top and say, “What is that?” They’ll say, “It’s a church.”

Jesus said, “But the things that proceed out of the mouth come from the heart….,” (Matt 15:18). Out of their mouths, all of the time people say, “We are going to CHURCH”, or “Meet me at THE CHURCH,” or “That’s a CHURCH,” – because THEY BELIEVE in their heart that it’s A CHURCH. You might say, “C’mon, Terry, what’s the big deal, it’s just what we call it, we really know that the church is the people and not the building.” I’m not so sure about that and I’ll tell you why.

Our Words Represent Our Actions
Let’s take a look at your average group of people who meet in a traditional church setting. They have services twice a week, Sundays and Wednesdays. They have a nice building they meet in. The building is outfitted with all the traditional markings. It has a sign out front with the name of the church. The sign contains a weekly, catchy, thought provoking phrase. The building has a steeple on the top. If not a steeple, then some other traditional looking top to make it look like a church. Inside, the building has long benches for the audience to sit on. It has a raised platform or stage at the front. It has a nice wooden box for an orator to give speeches from. Behind the speech making box and stage, there is a big bathtub which is raised higher than the stage.

While in this building, we are to conduct ourselves in a certain manner. There is special, extra reverent conduct expected from you as you are in this large meeting room. It is frowned upon anyone to eat or drink a beverage in this meeting room. This room is considered sanctified, which is why it is called the sanctuary – which means that this room is set apart or holy. This meeting room is viewed as though God Himself were living in it.

Let’s do some experiments. Let’s remove all the pews. Let’s also remove the speech making box called the pulpit. All it is now is an empty room. How would this affect our meeting? Would it still seem like a church? Let’s say we sat on lawn chairs and the preacher stood on top of a milk crate. Would it now still be a real church?

Let’s say we took away the entire building. Let’s say a tornado picked it up and moved it to Kansas. Now remember, we all agree that this building is not the church. But what if this building were obliterated? What would be the response of the people who met inside it? More importantly, what would be the emotional response of these people? Would they say, “Our church has been destroyed?” And if this building were gone, how would it affect their fellowship and their practice of meeting together? Do we really believe that the church is really just the people?

We all agree with the concept that the church is the people and not the building – but only in concept. If you were to take away, change, mess up, or alter people’s sacred building, they won’t really feel comfortable.

People associate the building, the pews, the pulpit, the steeple, the baptistery, a pastor – all those things are necessary with “having a real church.” If you meet outside in a park, at 3:00 pm on Thursday instead of 10:45 am on Sunday, then you wouldn’t have a “real church.” If you baptized people in a lake or a river, instead of the bath tub behind the speech making stage, it would seem like the baptism was not quite as official or holy. In 1993, I baptized a man in a bird bath because it was all that was available. Was that baptism somehow less official than being baptized in a bathtub behind a pulpit on a Sunday morning at 10:45? In Acts Chapter 8, the Ethiopian Eunuch jumped out of his chariot and was baptized in some water right along side the road. The thief on the cross next to Jesus was never baptized at all, yet he entered into paradise. Perhaps we should consider if possibly God does not care about the things we care so deeply about.

“Well, Acts chapter 8 and the thief on the cross were during Bible times. Times have changed now”, some might say. Sure, things have changed. But they have not changed for the better. Why do we think that doing things differently from scripture is all of a sudden now more correct?

When Jesus walked the earth, He met outside and taught people in the middle of tremendous disarray. There were people sitting down in the grass. There were people sitting in trees. Some people were probably on their way to the market with their livestock and saw the crowd listening to Jesus preach. They would stop to hear what Jesus was saying and had their cow or chicken there with them as they listened to the message. No one was dressed up in a formal way. When Jesus spoke, there were babies crying, people in filthy clothes, and people walking around toward the back of the crowd.
Was it considered a church meeting when Jesus would preach to the crowds? Of course it was! The church meetings throughout the New Testament include meetings outside, meetings around a fire, meetings in homes, and meetings in buildings. Paul was in a church meeting one time, and while he was teaching, a young man was sitting in a window sill. Imagine if during the next Sunday morning service somebody decided they couldn’t hear as well from the back so they climbed up and sat in the nearest window sill? Someone would probably call security.

Here’s the point. The building is not holy. But we believe it is. If you meet in a park, meet in a home, meet in a fancy Catholic building in Rome, meet in a tree house, it’s all the same. Jesus said that “Where two or more are gathered together, there I am in the midst.” Do we really believe that? C’mon, do we REALLY believe that?

Let’s test it out. Could you meet with one other person, just one, on a Tuesday night in a park? You would read the Bible together, pray together, share hearts, worship God, and touch the Lord together. Would you consider that church? Be honest now… would you still feel like you have to cover your God base by going to the official church meeting on Sunday morning? Would you still feel like you have to dress up, sit on a pew, and listen to a sermon in order to feel like you’ve been in church?
Our actions sometime betray our right Biblical concepts.

Our religiousity runs deep. It’s all we’ve known, it’s all we’ve seen, it’s all we’ve been taught. It’s what we’ve believed for a long time now…even though it is unbiblical. What about all the other things you maybe unaware of that you believe and practice…. that may be unbiblical? The Holy Spirit will help you. But it sometimes takes tremendous honesty and courage to grow.

Why did the New Testament Christians meet in homes? It is certainly not that a house is more righteous than a building. Once you see and understand the essence of body life and what church really is, you will see that THERE IS NO NEED FOR A BUILDING. In fact, it can hinder and get in the way. Also, once your eyes are opened, you will stop associating “being fed” with that of listing to a message once a week. The New Testament Christians were not “fed” by a three point sermon once a week by a paid professional.

What is the point of meeting together anyway? What is the essence of the church meeting? The purpose is to touch the Lord, to encounter Jesus, to be built up in faith, and to edify one another. When this happens, He feeds us. He edifies the church. We are built up and encouraged and He is blessed. The essence and point of the church meeting is more easily accomplished as we keep it simple and don’t include all the extras and unnecessary practices.

It’s Time to “Go To Family”
Many times in Christianity we use words or phrases which are not found in scripture. Phrases like “give your heart to Jesus, make a commitment to Christ, once saved always saved, lose your salvation, our church body, or the body of Christ here” – none of these phrases are found in the Bible.
Many times the idea behind such phrases was originally founded in scripture. But over time, we add to their meaning. Over long periods of time we create man made doctrines, and then we assume they are Biblical. Assuming that certain things are true without questioning them gets us into a lot of trouble in the church. Over time our words and phrases get packaged, re-packaged, and then packaged again. Many times the arguments and discussions we are having are not Biblical themselves. In other words, we are often asking the wrong questions. Or, the dilemmas we are trying to solve are based on assumptions that are in error themselves. Almost always, words and phrases we use that are not found in scripture are not scriptural ideas.

Huge ships are turned by very small rudders. Sometimes even the smallest error in our language (which reflects our thinking and our heart) can manifest itself with huge and consistent patterns of unbiblical practices in our lives. If you will learn to seek the Lord and examine the scriptures with no biases or assumptions, it will open a whole new world to you.

I would like to introduce to you another phrase not found in the Bible. Scripture never uses the words “go to church.” And it doesn’t use that phrase for a good reason. You cannot go to something you are. The early Christians understood this. But we don’t. Our lack of understanding in this area has caused severe and widespread damage. “But it’s just words,” you might say. If I said that God was a female, would you have a problem with those words? I would too. The words we use express what we really believe, and we live according to how we believe. Let’s look at the absurdity of our practice of “going to church” and how it negatively affects our lives.

The word church in the Bible is the Greek word ekklesia. Ekklesia means “the called out ones.” If you further study the word, you will observe some interesting meanings. The word also has with it the meanings of a family, a people, an assembly, or a council. It even has the idea of a modern town hall meeting for deliberation.

We could substitute the word “family” for the word “church”. The church is a people. A family is a people.

Let’s say that after a long day at work, you were heading home to eat supper and then retire for the evening. And, you were going to do this inside your house with your spouse and children. Would you say, “I’m going to family?” No you would not. You would say, “I’m going to be with my family.”
Erroneously, church has become a function that we do on Sunday morning. Church has become an event instead of it being who we are. The word church has lost its meaning of family; the word has lost the meaning of us being a people. Going to church has become a weekly activity that we do. We’ve taken a word that defines who we are, a word that identifies us, and we’ve lessened it to an hour and a half episode that we do once a week. After the weekly church event, we then we all go home to our individual lives. It’s like going to the theatre, or going to school, going to work, or going to the grocery store. “We’re going to church!”

Look at it this way. If you are something, you are that thing everyday and you do what you are everyday. Are you a man? Then you never stop being one. Are you a woman? Then you never stop being a woman.

If you have kids then you are a parent. Do you ever stop being a parent? No. If you go to school, go to work, or you are at home, you are always a parent. You don’t stop being a parent because of where you are or what activity you are doing.

And here’s the point: As a parent you should always be actively parenting. You should be praying for your kids while at work. You should be planning things for them, thinking about their needs even when you are not with them. When you are at work, you are working to provide for their needs, when you are home with them, you are actively engaged with them and interacting with them. If you are a parent, you are always a parent and you do at least some sort of parenting activity daily!
Same with the church! If we are the church, you never stop being the church. You cannot be the church on Sunday at 10:45 a.m. and then not be the church Tuesday at 10:45 a.m.
When we call the building a church or say that “we are going to church” we are taking away from the fact that “church” is our identity, not something we “go to”. When something is our identity, we are that thing all of the time. When we “go to something”, we are only participating in that activity while we are there.

When we say “we are going to church”, we are practicing the exact error that is really in our hearts.
We have made something we are, into a weekly event. We’ve made the word “church” into an impersonal, shallow, intellectual, 2 hour a week activity.

Erroneously, we have our life at work. We have our life at home. We have our life of activities. We have our life with our church. We have our life with our friends. It is all become separate and compartmentalized.

If God has saved you and you belong to Jesus Christ, then your new identity as a person is now with the church.

The church, corporately, is now who you are.  And you are to live the reality that you are the church 24 hours a day / 7 days a week.  We think growth as a Christian is learning more about the Lord, instead of knowing Him as a person. I can read a book all day long aboutwho my wife is, but until I share her heart, and until I spend plenty of relationship time with her, I will not know her. Learning more information only teaches you about something. Experience is where true growth occurs.
In our day and time we know very little of intimacy. We know very little of how to be joined in heart and be truly knit together as a people of God, yet deep down, we all long for it. We have traded the intimacy of true church life for the falseness of an institution.

We are a living and breathing temple of living stones who encompass the true and living God. We are alive! Corporately, we are the very Bride of Christ. We are filled with the Holy Spirit, within and without. How offensive it is to call us a dead pile of brick and mortar. How it tells and exposes our lack of revelation of who we are, to say things like, “time to go to church.” If we are not using New Testament language, it is because we lack revelation to some degree. If our beliefs are in error, our practice and what we live are in error as well.

No copyright exists for Home Church Help. It is encouraged and it would be considered a favor to copy anything and everything on this site and give it away to anyone who will read it.

Thursday, July 11, 2013


Are you eating wood pulp?

Why is it important to read labels and know your ingredients?  Because food manufacturers have the tendency to play with words.  It's important to understand what is in the foods you're buying (and eating) unless of course you don't care what you're eating.  If you're like those who say, "I'm going to die some day anyway" or  I don't worry about what I eat"  then please go ahead and put water in the gas tank of your car.  It's going to die some day anyway, right?

Cellulose, a/k/a fiber, is used by food manufacturers to bulk up their food products (as an extender).  Cellulose has no nutritional benefit and is not digestible in humans.  It does, however have monetary benefits to food manufactureres because it's cheap.  Also, adding cellulose to their food products allows them to make claim "extra fiber" claims on the packaging even those that are USDA Organic Certified.  Yes, it's true!

Natural News says:  Wood cellulose is not toxic. But it's not food either. Our enzymes cannot digest cellulose. Yes, we all need to take in fiber. Dry legumes, whole grains, and most fresh plant foods contain fiber (find out who the "woody's are). says:  In recent years, cellulose has become a popular food additive due to its unique chemical and physical properties when combined with water. Although cellulose can be found in most plant matter, the most economical sources for industrial cellulose are cotton and wood pulp (read about how it's used in foods here). 

Wikipedia says:  Humans can digest cellulose to some extent, however it mainly acts as a hydrophilic bulking agent for feces and is often referred to as "dietary fiber".  See more about cellulose.

Britannica says:  Nondigestible by man, cellulose is a food for herbivorous animals (e.g., cows, horses) because they retain it long enough for digestion by microorganisms present in the alimentary tract; protozoans in the gut of insects such as termites also digest cellulose. Of great economic importance, cellulose is processed to produce papers and fibres and is chemically modified to yield substances used in the manufacture of such items as plastics, photographic films, and rayon. Other cellulose derivatives are used as adhesives, explosives, thickening agents for foods, and in moisture-proof coatings.

So, if you see an ingredient listed on your boxes of high-fiber cereal or snack bar called "cellulose" or an ingredient with the word cellulose in it like those listed below, then you are eating the pulp from virgin wood.  The best way to be sure of the ingredients in your food is steer clear of processed foods (boxed, canned, frozen etc.) and prepare your own meals from organic whole foods (fresh produce, legumes, whole grains) or purchase them from a trusted source.
  • Microcrystalline cellulose(MCC)
  • Cellulose gel
  • Cellulose gum
  • Carboxymethyl cellulose
Eating fiber and adding it to your diet is smart but you will want to make sure the fiber is naturally part of the food you're eating and not an additive that is also used to make adhesives and explosives!

To your healthy every day!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Does Angelina Jolie's double mastectomy breed false security?

There's a huge misconception going around about mastectomies.  It seems that many believe that breast removal is a way to prevent cancer.  We know that Angelina Jolie believes this from all the headlines about her recent discovery.  We also know she had many supporters in her decision to have a double mastectomy.  Are they supporting her for the right reasons?  One thing is for sure.  They don't realize they are being mislead by her ignorance.  Her belief is that removing her breasts will prevent breast cancer.  She is quoted saying in a CNN article that her children do not have to fear they will lose her to breast cancer.

Angelina recently found out that she has a faulty BRCA1 gene which was genetically transferred to her.  This faulty or mutant gene indicates a higher risk of breast cancer however it's important to know that only two percent, YES, just TWO PERCENT of breast cancer diagnoses are caused by this mutant gene which means that it's a rarity.  But because Angelina has this faulty gene, she decided that a double mastectomy was her only option to prevent breast cancer.  But is she correct in her thinking (this is not relative, this is black and white)?  Will it actually prevent her from getting cancer?  Dr. Funmi Olopade, oncologist and genetic expert and one of the world's leading authority on hereditary breast cancer doesn't believe so.  In fact, what she sees is that we're going backwards on this issue.  Watch this video from ABC Chicago which is posted on Dr. Mecola's website.

What Angelina isn't aware of is that removing a body part does not prevent cancer just like mammograms and others screening do not.  Mammograms and screenings do not prevent cancer, they only can detect cancer and sometimes not very well.  Many women have received and continue to receive false positives from screenings.  One woman in particular who had undergone a double mastectomy because she was told she had breast cancer only to find out later after a second opinion that she did not have cancer - watch this video from ABC News

Medical doctors and surgeons should be questioned more, by their patients.  If we don't question them they will continue to "practice" on us.  For instance, when I had breast cancer almost nine years ago, and after the surgeon removed the tumor and checked the margins and lymph nodes, she and other specialists charted out a very aggressive treatment for me which included chemotherapy and radiation.  They said the agressive treatment was due to my age.  I was 38 at the time. 

When I decided after one chemo treatment to discontinue with their treatment, the surgeon called me and threatened me over the phone.  She said that if I didn't continue with the prescribed treatment that the cancer could come back with a vengeance and there may not be anything they can do.  However, when I asked her about the percentage of risk with chemo and radiation versus without, the difference was only 2%.  That wasn't enough to convince me that chemo and radiation were effective or necessary.  Would it be for you?

Angelina Jolie and others who have opted for breast removal should be wise to the fact that removal of a body part does not guarantee a cancer-free life.  In fact, it reeks of false security to me and it's very deceptive.  It's important to find out what caused cancer in the first place and then stop doing it.  Like Dr. Lorraine Day said, you don't cancer because of a lack chemotherapy in your body just like you don't get a headache for lack of a pain reliever in your body.  There's a reason why we get these maladies and it's our responsibility to find out why, not a doctor's responsibility.  We should not be putting our lives in the hands of doctors or anyone who is profiting from our diseases and illnesses unless what they're doing is focusing on the root cause of a problem and looking for a solution instead administering a Band-aid.  Chiropractors and Naturopaths are trained to look for and find an underlying cause, not treat a symptom.  Medical doctors are trained to treat symptoms with drugs, surgeries and treatments.  That's all they're trained to do. 

I am saddened that the medical community does not recognize Chiropractors and Naturopaths as equals in their field.  I am even more saddened that so many men and women succumb to the fear that medical doctors propagate.  Making any decision out of or in fear is never a good or right decision.  A decision in faith will never reflect an ounce of fear.   

"There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear, because fear involves torment. But he who fears has not been made perfect in love."  ~ 1 John 4:18

I didn't plan on making this post as long as this but reason needs a voice.

~Lisa :)

Friday, June 7, 2013

My Experience with Angular Cheilitis and "Calm Cream" from an Amish store in Western, PA

Who would have thought?

During the last four months I've been dealing with a lip issue that I've never had before.  It started out with what I thought was a fever blister but I don't know now if it was judging by what has transpired over the last number of months. 

Fever blisters normally arrive after I've eaten sugary foods and have gone off track with my diet because sugar suppresses the immune system.  These types of foods certainly give my immune system a fight, enough for a fever blister to appear.  So after numerous fever blisters within a short period of time, I decided to take conventional action and buy some topical fever blister treatment. 

After applying this topical treatment to my lips they started to get worse.  The top of my lip wound up getting very dry and no lip balm, oil or anything was helping.  My lips were peeling and were so dry that I thought I had a bad case of chapped lips.  I started taking ASEA on March 1st of this year and so I sprayed that on my lips.  After spraying the ASEA on, I noticed my lips felt as though liquid was oozing out.  I don't know if the ASEA was drawing out the infection or not but something was going on and it was very strange.

I continued to spray ASEA on my lips daily, sometimes twice a day without any noticeable improvement.  Occasionally I'd put the topical treatment I bought only to be sorry later because it seemed to make things worse.  I finally threw the lip treatment away along with all my lipsticks I had been using.

I started using Dr. Bronner's ginger lip balm and that seemed to help take away the dryness.  But after the dryness left I woke up one morning with swollen lips!  Soon after I developed a red ring around my lips which extended above my top lip.  So when I put lipstick on to camouflage the swelling, I looked like a clown!  Needless to say the lipstick came off! 

Some time after, I noticed a crusty sore in the corner of my mouth which again I thought was a fever blister.  It began to be difficult to open my mouth to eat.  I started applying the Dr. Bronner's ginger lip balm again since it seemed to help once but not this time. 

Some time later, I woke up again with swollen lips which then turned into a red ring around my lips and what looked like very chapped and cracked lips.  The skin on my lips was just peeling off and they hurt. 

My husband and I went away for a long weekend to our favorite place, Dayton, PA last week where we visited Elma, an Amish women who took over her husband's nutritional store.  My husband and I decided to go there first before we arrived in Dayton to see if there was anything that might help my lip problem.  I had looked up my symptoms before we had left for Dayton and found a few things that might help.  We bought some B-Complex, Tea Tree oil and Lysine.  Elma showed me a jar of Calm Cream but I said I didn't think that would help.  I was thinking it would be better to take something internally to get rid of this annoying condition since topically nothing helped. 

I took the Lysine and B-Complex and applied the tea tree oil when we arrived at my cousin's.  I didn't notice any changes.  Later we went to Mitzie's cafe where we could get WiFi and I did another internet search.  I asked my friend, Tammy, a nurse who stopped in at Mitzie's, if she had ever heard of Angular Cheilitis which she hadn't.  I was at a loss.  The symptoms I had were a match for Angular Cheilitis but I found no solutions on the internet.

Later that night as I was getting ready for bed, I looked in my cousin's medicine cabinet to see if she had something, anything that might help because I wondered how I was going to sleep.  My lips were making me very uncomfortable.  Lo and behold!  I couldn't believe what my eyes saw!  I saw that same jar of Calm Cream that Elma has handed me in the store earlier that day.  I thought, what harm could it do?  So I rubbed some of the cream on my lips and went to bed.

The next morning my lips looked significantly better however, I wasn't sure if it was the cream or if the supplements had started to work.  We went out that day and my lips got worse as the day went on.  They were again beginning to look very dry, chapped, cracked and a bit swollen.  I still had the crusty sore in the corner and another was forming on the other side.  Some time in the afternoon it dawned on me that the Calm Cream could have been the reason my lips seemed much better in the morning.  We went back to my cousin's and I put some more of the cream on my lips.  Within about a half hour, give or take, there was a definite and noticable improvement.  I realized that Calm Cream has calendula as one of the ingredients, same ingredient in natural diaper rash ointments. 

My husband and I went back to visit Elma to buy some of that wonderful Calm Cream.  I told Elma what had happened and that she was right to hand it to me.  She was kind and gracious and said she really didn't know if it would help, she was just guessing.  I've been using the crea all week long and my lips are doing just fine now.  The sore in the corner is now completely gone and no more dry, cracked, chapped and swollen lips!  I will continue to put this on my lips daily to keep angular cheilitis at bay, at least until I feel confident it won't return.  But I'll be sure to buy more Calm Cream before I run out because I wouldn't want to be without it!

I still must find out more about the effect that ASEA had.  I'm interested to know whether or not if was actually helping bring forth the infection and drawing it out.

Where can you get Calm Cream?  From Elma at
Window's Road Nutrition, 33 Window's Road., Smicksburg, PA  16256.  Just print or save and print the order form to the left and mail it with a check for $23.29 ($18.20 for the 4oz jar of Calm Cream, plus 6% sales tax and $4.00 for shipping*) to Window's Road Nutrition. 

I'm so grateful for our Amish friends!

~ Lisa

*Shipping is $4.00 no matter what size your order is except for heavy liquids which they will bill you for the extra cost. 

Liquid Sunshine from Vermont Soap Co - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

My husband and I have been using Liquid Sunshine for all of our cleaning (indoors, outdoors, cars etc) and for our hand soap for about 8 years now and we love it!
I have no allergic reactions since we've been using Liquid Sunshine.  My eyes don't tear, my sinuses don't get inflamed, no headaches, no congestion, no breathing problems, and my skin doesn't get dry, crackly and itchy even after many uses.  
We buy Liquid Sunshine in the 5 gal drum because it's much more economical. It can used as is (concentrated) or it can be diluted in various degrees and made into window cleaner, all purpose cleaner and foaming hand soap. Liquid Sunshine has so many uses.

And now there's Liquid Sunshine ZERO-VOC (Volatile organic compounds). VOC's affect air quality and can be hazardous to our health esp those prone to lung problems.
The Vermont Soap Company also offers many other organic and natural products for babies and children, adults, animals and the home.  
Try it and then let us know how you like it!
Here's to healthy cleaning!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Chicken Pox builds life long immunity yet the law is mandating a Chicken Pox vaccine that only provides temporary immunity

Laws mandate that 69 vaccinations be given to a child before they graduate!

"It's important to realize that naturally recovering from chickenpox is the ONLY way you can establish longer lasting immunity that will protect you until you come in contact with younger children with chickenpox and are asymptomatically boosted, which will not only reinforce your chickenpox immunity but will also help protect you against getting a painful case of shingles later in life. Merck has developed and is marketing a shingles vaccine but that is an inferior solution." Read the full article...

Watch this short video which is also embedded in the article above and be informed.

~ Lisa
It's a while since I last posted here on my blog though it hasn't been a while since I've been posting health and wellness info. 

In these the last couple of months life has been hectic and I've found that Facebook has been more effective in getting the word out.  I'd like to work on getting this blog noticed more because I know the information posted here needs to get out.  All of the archived posts are still true (truth is truth no matter what the generation and no matter what age we're in). 

Too many of us are trusting in those who do not have our best interest in mind or at heart.  So with that, my next post is about vaccinations. 

~ Lisa