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Our immune system was designed specifically to heal our bodies and keep them healthy. So why are so many failing these days?

There are many factors that cause our immune systems to function poorly - diet, lack of exercise, too much stress and how we handle it, pollutants and contaminants in the air and water, toxins in our food supply, body care and cleaning products among many other factors. But taking our health seriously doesn't have to be burdensome and confusing.

I don't know anyone who wants to be sick or die of disease but sadly that's what is happening to so many people. Death is a sure thing, but disease doesn't have to be.

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Monday, May 7, 2012

Is The Total Transformation For The Child Or The Parent?

My husband was surfing the TV channels one day and came across a program on dog training.  The dog trainer, he said, was an older woman who resembled Mrs. Doubtfire. 

Each dog was accompanied by their owner and they were all assembled in a semi-circle.  It was the hope of each dog owner that the dog trainer would  teach their dog some "new tricks."  But what the owners didn't know was that the class was actually for them!  And the instructor even said as much!  As I recall, here's what my husband said the trainer advised the owners, in her British accent (if you can imagine it), "First of all, I want to let you know, the problem is not your dogs, it's you!"  

Wow!  I can imagine how those those dog owners felt.  They probably thought, "What is she talking about?  My dog doesn't listen to anything I say!"  Sound familiar?

It started as a baby, then it continued as a toddler, it got worse approaching the school age years and didn't stop after third grade.  It escalated at ten and now at fifteen it's full blown.  How did this happen???

We all know that children will test the limits and go past the boundaries at times but what about the child who goes through a stage that they don't grow out of?

A child's behavior develops early on.  If parents are not equipped with the right tools how can they pass on the right tools to their children?  Many parents have been to their wits end and back because their children will not listen and worse.  Their willful misconduct, lack of respect, or to the extreme, violence and abuse are just intolerable. 

Many parents will make excuses for their children with or without taking any responsibility themselves while others blame the child and dismiss any chance that they've had any part in their child's negative behavior.  So, which is it?  Are you the problem like the dog owners above or is your child?  Find out in this article from The Total Transformation's E-Newsletter, Empowering Parents.  The article is called, Defiant Child Behavior:  Is Your Child's Bad Behavior Escalating?

It's always most important to remember that a real and healthy relationship with God will be evidenced by how you live your life.  So keep in mind, your children will learn more from what you do and less from what you say.  But sometimes God sends help through others.  James Lehman's program, The Total Transformation gives practical tips and help so that you can have a better relationship with your child.  I would say that's a good thing.

Get James Lehmans' program, The Total Transformation for FREE when you provide them with your feedback about the program.  You pay up front and then are reimbursed in full (minus shipping and handling fees) once you send them your feedback.  Click here to lean more. 

This program is not for parents with children who behave well for the most part. This is for those who need help and nothing they're doing is effective.  Therefore, if you read the reviews keep an open mind.  I've listened to five of these CD's and I would say this program has some great advice.  It's great for parents of young children as well as teenagers and can be used as prevention.

Message me if you have any questions or thoughts.  Till then...

~ Lisa  

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