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Our immune system was designed specifically to heal our bodies and keep them healthy. So why are so many failing these days?

There are many factors that cause our immune systems to function poorly - diet, lack of exercise, too much stress and how we handle it, pollutants and contaminants in the air and water, toxins in our food supply, body care and cleaning products among many other factors. But taking our health seriously doesn't have to be burdensome and confusing.

I don't know anyone who wants to be sick or die of disease but sadly that's what is happening to so many people. Death is a sure thing, but disease doesn't have to be.

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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Herbal Water, a delicious discovery

I recently made a delicious discovery while my husband and I enjoyed an appetizer at the Desert Rose, a new Mediterranean restaurant on State Street in Media (where the Selene co-op used to be).  The discovery?  A wonderfully, refreshing drink called Herbal Water.

My first to last sip of Herbal Water at the Desert Rose was so delicious that I wanted to find out where I could buy it.  My next trip to Giant Food Store ended my search.  They carry 4 out of the 5 flavors and I love them all!  Now I am able to enjoy my favorite water any time and I am thrilled to be able to offer it to my family and guests when they stop over.  It's a great alternative to sugary drinks, and parents can be confident that their children are actually being hydrated with Herbal Water.  This is especially necessary and important during the warm/hot weather even for all of us.

Ayala Laufer-Cahana M.D., the creator of Herbal Water lives locally.  She believes in and sees the benefits of eating an organic, whole food, nutrient rich diet - music to my ears!  It's so refreshing to see a medical doctor promote a healthy diet.  These are all reasons to support Dr. Ayala.

Besides her role as the creator of Herbal Water, Dr. Ayala is also a mother, a pediatrician and an artist.  Her blog is filled with helpful and important information, recipes and tips. 

Herbal Water can be purchased in participating restaurants, stores (find a store) and online.  Online purchases can be shipped anywhere within the US. 

Dr. Ayala's contact information is below:

Ayala Laufer-Cahana M.D.
V.P. of Product Development
Herbal Water, Inc.
(O) 610-668-4000
308 E. Lancaster Ave. Suite 110
Wynnewood, PA 19096

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Here's to tasty hydration!

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