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Our immune system was designed specifically to heal our bodies and keep them healthy. So why are so many failing these days?

There are many factors that cause our immune systems to function poorly - diet, lack of exercise, too much stress and how we handle it, pollutants and contaminants in the air and water, toxins in our food supply, body care and cleaning products among many other factors. But taking our health seriously doesn't have to be burdensome and confusing.

I don't know anyone who wants to be sick or die of disease but sadly that's what is happening to so many people. Death is a sure thing, but disease doesn't have to be.

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Visit my Pampered Chef website!

My personal Pampered Chef website is now up and running! At this time, you can browse my personal website to make purchases only as a host/hostess or guest of a show. You will find the Pampered Chef catalog and monthly specials. Pampered Chef will deliver directly to a recipient or to the host/hostess of a show.  If you'd like to send a gift, we'll set you up.  And Gift Certificates are available starting at $20 and then in increments of $5.

View our Host/Hostess specials and Guest specials for the month of May! Want to host a Pampered Chef catalog show and be Host/Hostess of the month? Earn free and discounted Pampered Chef products? Email me for details!

If you would like to order an item and you're not a host/hostess or a guest, just let me know.  Unfortunately, until I reach a certain amount of sales, I will not be able to take individual orders on my website but again, you can always contact me to place an individual order.

~ Thanks for reading our blog.  We'll continue to bring you truthful and healthy information! ~

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